Thief 3 Ghosting Report: St. Edgar's Eve

Be sure you change the diffulty setting for each mission because it defaults to Normal.

Dificulty screen

Slip behind the guard at the door by hugging the right wall and take his key. You can go in the front door if you want (you'll get a first alert), but it's simpler to go back and enter via the window to the left.

Front door guard

Get the loot on the ground and climb up and in the window.

Side window

Take the left passage and head downstairs to the entrance.


Skip the chapel for now and instead head through the room under the bell and out the gate towards the barracks.

Entrance area

Wait for the guard to pass and then slip up the stairs to Greidus' room (you may get a first alert from the stationary guard but his view is mostly blocked. You can now loot everything in Greidus' room without using the bell. There's a guard outside the other door, so head back outside and down the stairs.


Enter the barracks through the main doors...the stationary guard won't notice if you sneak along the righthand wall when he is looking the other way (he usually doesn't notice even if he IS looking that way). You can also use the lock sucking effect (activating a lock for picking causes you to get dragged towards it quickly and quietly) to get to the door. Once inside, ignore the lower room and make straight for the stairs. There is only one guard patrolling the upper areas so time his patrol and grab all the loot in the alcoves he walks past. The door on this level is useful if you want to get the healing potion in this hall.

Healing potion hall

Use the grate in the wall at the top of the stairs to access the sleeping area and loot that while the patrolling guard is out. The painting near his patrol route is also loot. Retrace your steps back outside and head into the side door to the chapel.


Entering the chapel itself activates Greidus who will leave after a while and go stay in his room until summoned. This leaves only one guard on a wide patrol route, so loot this room and head back to the room with the window we climbed in at the beginning. Continue upstairs and take the first left.

First left

Locate the guard with the purse. Follow him to pick his pocket and he'll lead you to the room with a statue. Steal the Codex and cross over to the other side of this upper area. Grab the loot near the prayer room on this side (the broken railing near here provides a shortcut to Greidus' room for when you ring the bell) and head back downstairs to the chapel.

Guard with purse

Exit via the west door and you'll find a guard talking to a priest.

West door

You can use this time to sneak over and climb up to the walkway and throw the lever to open the grate, but you'll want to come back after to pickpocket the priest.

Area to climb

Douse this light. Stay in shadow on the left wall as you round the corner towards him, then crossover to the right wall in shadow and use the boxes and pillars as cover when you reach the light areas. Opening this door will get a first alert that can cause him to see you completely after a few moments so either duck behind the boxes or dart inside the door.


Head past the gear stamping machine and slip through the next room while the priest is busy roasting a zombie. Use the grate on the back of the machine to get in for the loot, then continue on and pick the lock on Inspector Drept's room while the priest has his back turned (you can also do this before you loot the machine). Clear out Drept's room and continue on to the next room.


Under the stairs is a good spot to hide and watch the next guard. Follow the guard as he heads towards the storage room and stay on the left as he turns right.

Under the stairs

Hug the left wall and hide in the far corner (by the chest and the light switch) so you won't be seen. Loot the storage room when it's safe and follow the guard back out, sneaking past him on his left as he stares at the grate to the right.

Hiding spot

You can either backtrack past the zombie roaster or head back out past the priest upstairs. If you go past the priest (follow him along his patrol and slip past on his left...he isn't very observant), you can just drop down to the stamping room.

Priest upstairs...

...isn't very observant

Make the gear, then head to the reliquary (don't ask me why no one notices this racket).

Gear stamper

Use the gear and the holy symbol to bring down the chalice. Garrett worries too one notices the chalice is gone).

Here today...

...gone tomorrow

Retrace your steps back outside to the front gate. Drop down the right side of the balcony to the outside...the metal pipe is too noisy.


Another good level for Ghosting.


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