Thief 3 Ghosting Report: Checking Inn - Cashing Out

This training mission is actually a real caper with real enemies to avoid, and with the difficulty locked at Normal it should have been a simple Ghost. However, training also includes training you to do all the things a good Ghost never should, so we're in for some trouble. If you consider training orders the same as objectives (they aren't optional) then you are fine, but otherwise we have a busted Ghost more than once.

Difficulty screen

The first few guards are no problem because the lessons are all about stealth.

First easy guy

Second easy guy

The lesson for this metal grate is "slow = quiet"...a good lesson to remember.

Metal floor

The basement teaches you to dowse a light with a water arrow, so some of the more extreme variations of Ghosting that don't use items at all will be troubled.

Basement torch

The new lockpick interface is pretty good compared to old games. Move the tool into the farthest direction that causes wiggling and hit the attack key to complete a section quickly.


The first problem we run into is the innkeeper who is used for a lesson is both blackjacking and body disposal. There is no way to proceed without blackjacking him, and no apparent way to get around triggering the objective somehow, so we are forced to smack him...

Blackjack the innkeeper

...even though we could have would have been easy to slip past.

Could have slipped past

The next problem is upstairs at the guard blocking the door to Julian's room. Again we have an order...this time to use a noisemaker...but in this case we can't proceed without following the order as the guard is in our way.

Obnoxious guard

We also have some treasure to get at the end of the hall, so we can hug the right wall and fire our noisemaker behind us to lead the guard away. Be sure to trigger the checkpoint at the room before moving up the hall or it thinks you got lost.

Treasure at the end of the hall

Sometimes the guard likes to come exploring, but he stands still long enough to slip across the bed and out.

Return of the obnoxious guard

The room with the main objective is classic sneaking, but the final room for our escape is a lesson in getting caught that we'd rather not learn. In our first and only break of the level, we can use a water arrow on the light near where the guard will magically appear.

Secure the escape route 1

We should also douse the other light to be sure.

Secure the escape route 2

Grabbing the pouch is uneventful until we enter that last room. The commotion behind us is scripted and not a bust.

The pouch

The guard's reaction can vary from nothing to a second alert when he sees the light is out, so a reload or two may be needed.

The last guard

Sneak past when the lights flicker.

The last guard when the lights flicker

Whether this is a Ghost or not depends on how you interpret the training orders, but in the end this is just training and it's nothing new to have training spoil attempts to Ghost or even just Lytha the game.


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