Why ADV should keep extras in their sets

Also see my Extras page for any extras that have been made available for download.

ADV has recently adopted a policy of removing all extras from new thinpak box sets. This includes important extras such as (examples are not necessarily ADV titles):

There are also other extras that are more properly "extra" and would be reasonable to leave off of a cheaper release:

Why are they doing it?

Two main reasons have been given by dlw (the ADV representative):

Won't this help the sale of singles?

No. Let's consider the types of people that purchase anime:

The largest group of buyers (mainstream), the largest group of hardcore fans, and at least some of the remaining hardcore fans will be DISCOURAGED from buying singles or be unaffected. Only those hardcore fans that care about extras but don't care about being deliberately denied extras in box sets will be driven to buy more singles. Is this a large enough demographic to offset the rest (not to mention justify screwing loyal fans)?

The "Zero-Sum" argument

As above, the only people who care about extras are serious fans. Even if they were willing to switch to singles, would that help ADV? In a word: no. The problem is that serious fans are limited by budgets...we don't have an unlimited supply of money to spend on anime. Because of recent market saturation, most fans are already forced to skip anime they would like due to lack of funds. So what happens when a serious fan switches from buying a box set to buying the singles? They skip something else they wanted of course. Whenever that skipped title was from ADV, all the profit of this new system is lost...a sale by ADV is switched to a different sale by ADV. You might be thinking that ADV is hoping to pull market share from other companies, but if that worked it's likely other companies would join ADV in doing this (thus restoring the balance on average). The dollars of serious fans are already maximized, which is why casual fans (who spend money on other leisure activities) are the best target for new sales.

ADV gains nothing, but fans lose...they get less extras and/or less anime for the same money.

How else could they give us the extras?

The obvious way is to leave them on the discs...this is the only way to leave vid-notes or commentary tracks. The cost of this is quite negligible. Other options:

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